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Palmisano's Family Web Page    
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     Jerry is the fifth sibling in the Palmisano family.  Like his brothers and sisters Jerry was very athletic growing up.  Jerry played basketball and baseball in high school.  He also had many other interests too.   He learned how to play the guitar and trumpet.  Jerry enjoyed cruising in his Chevy Blazer.  He likes to drive his Chevy off road and camp out on the beach.   Jerry has two children Jessica and Seth.   Jerry works for a local cable company.   

Jerry and Nicki stopped wrestling for just a second to take this picture.  Nicki is a puppy German shepherd.

Jerry the cable guy hard at work on my duplex.

Jerry kicking back on my front lawn.  

Jerry's new hobby.  Hit it !!!!  Jerry in the water ready to try his wake board.  
Jerry and Jessica