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Palmisano's Family Web Page     
Joseph   |   Mary   |   Joe   |   Dina   |   Marguerite   |   John   |   Jerry   |   Teresa   |   Leon   |   Michelle

     Welcome to my dad's web page.   Although my father is an excellent athlete, I'm most proud of him for being a great Dad.  My dad played professional baseball with Chicago Cub Minor League System.  He gave it all up to become a great dad.  My dad is retired from teaching.  He taught for over 30 years.

Here is a picture of my dad and his father Joe Palmisano.  My grandfather participated in professional baseball for over 20 years.  This picture was taken at Philadelphia in 1931.  My dad was 5 years old when this picture was taken.  My grandfather played with Philadelphia A's for one season.  Philadelphia won the American League Pennant that year.

My dad played professional baseball too!  He sign on with the Janesville Cubs.  My dad played second base and outfield.  He was a switch hitter.  He could bat right handed or left handed.  He saw how hard his father worked and decided to go to school instead of playing a kid's game.  I'm glad he made the right choice.

This picture was taken in Vanderbilt.  During one of Michelle's game.  

Joe and Mary in Greece.  My parents were fortunate to travel around the world.  In this picture they are in Greece to see Teresa play basketball.  This picture was taken on one of the many islands off of Greece.

Here is Joe in Washington, D.C..  Leon lived in Washington while he worked for the government.  My dad served in the Armed Forces.  He was a sergeant and won several artillery awards during his tenure.