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Palmisano's Family Web Page     
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     Dina is the second oldest Palmisano sibling.  She is the oldest of the Palmisano sisters.  Dina, like her family is a very good athlete.  Dina lettered in Basketball and Volleyball in high school.  She was the first Palmisano to play College Basketball.  She was an all league player at VC and Sonoma State University.  Dina is married to James and has three children Brieanna, Lukas and Joseph.  Dina was recently inducted into her high school sports hall of fame.  Click here for her Hall of Fame Bio.

The Poteracke family photo.  From left to right; Dina, Lukas, James, and Brieanna.

Here is me with my sisters.  From left to right; Marguerite, Dina, and me (John.)  Here we are visiting Dina at Sonoma State.  Dina graduated from Sonoma State with a Bachelors of Arts degree.  Marguerite was attending Sacramento and I was at CSUN.  

Dina played basketball in high school and college.  In this picture Dina is driving to the hoop for another 2 points.  Dina played basketball at Ventura College from 1980 through 1982.  Dina earned all conference honors while at VC.