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Palmisano's Family Web Page     
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     Welcome to Marguerite's Web Page.  Marguerite is the third sibling in the Palmisano family.  Marguerite is an all-around athlete.  She graduated from CSUS in Liberal Arts.  She received her teaching credentials in regular education and also in Special Education.   Marguerite hobbies includes being outside.  She has traveled and camped extensively.  One of my best memories of Marguerite is our biking trip down the Oregon and California Coast.  We biked over 800 miles down the Pacific Coast line.  The scenery was the most beautiful and rugged that I've every scene.   Marguerite is married to Gil and has three children; Cecilia, Estelle, Christopher.   Marguerite was recently inducted into her high school sports hall of fame.  Click here for her Sports Hall of Fame Bio.

Here we are on our second bike trip from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Boulder, Colorado.  Marguerite stopped just long enough for me to take this picture.  We biked up some pretty big Mountains in Colorado.   There was pikes up to 14,000 feet high.  It was exhausting!  

Here they are from left to right Marguerite, Michelle, and Leon.  They went on a hike through the Sespe.  In their hike they encountered many wildlife activities.  I think Marguerite scared Michelle and Leon for life.   

Marguerite's child Cecilia.

Marguerite is the second of four Palmisano sisters.  Just like her older sister Dina, Marguerite continued to pave the way in sports for her younger sisters; Teresa and Michelle. Marguerite standing 511",  was an all around athlete earning 6 Varsity letters in high school. She earned letters in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track.  She was the first of the Palmisano sisters to letter in two sports in College.  Marguerite played Basketball and Volleyball for Ventura College the 83 and 84 seasons.  She was a dominate force inside and out.  Marguerite earned all conference titles in 83 and 84. Marguerite earned a scholarship to play Basketball at California State University at Sacramento.  Marguerite finished up averaging double digits in scoring and over 7 rebounds a game.

The Palmisano girls from left to right;  Marguerite, Michelle, and Teresa (Dina is not in the picture).  Here the girls are hanging out on my front steps.  They were there to celebrated my first purchase of a property.

Marguerite and Gil where married on August 6, 1998. Marguerite and Gil eating their wedding cake.  Yea, in this picture they have a clean face.  You should have seen them 30 seconds later!