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Palmisano's Family Web Page    
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     Welcome to my page.  I'm the fourth Palmisano sibling.  Yes, I'm right there in the middle.  Growing up I enjoyed playing many different sports.   I lettered in 4 different sports in high school and competed in 3 different sports in college.  However, after 3 knee operations I had to bow out gracefully from competition and become a weekend warrior.  I graduated from CSUN and teach at a local elementary school.  I received my masters in Education Technology.  I enjoyed many activities after college.  I received my SCUBA certificate and dive off the California Coast.  I earned my Private Pilots license and recreational fly over the city.  I'm married to my live long soul mate, Therese and we have three children; Evan, Aaron, and Ryan.  My current interests are my family, swimming, and tennis.  Here are some of my pictures.

Our engagement photo taken summer 1998.  Therese and I were married November 28, 1998.

Here is a two and a half forward flip in the tuck position.  I lettered one year in diving at Ventura College.  I really enjoyed showing off at the river.

This picture was taken on one of the islands in Greece.  I went to visit Teresa while she played professional basketball on a team in Athens, Greece.  I had a great time visiting the three islands with Teresa and my parents.  

Here is another picture of me taken at the Colorado River.  I'm jetsking in front of the dock while my brother Leon is taking the picture.  I preferred the stand up jet ski because you can do a lot more tricks and maneuvers.  

I earned my pilots license in 1993.  Here I am taking Josh, my brother Joe's son, up for his first flight with me.  We flew over the city for some sight seeing.  I usually fly Cessna's but on occasion have flown Piper Warriors.

Here is the 1996 Gatorman Event.  The Gatorman is a 3 miles swim course in the Pacific Ocean at La Jolla, California.  I participated in the event in 1996 and again in 1997.  My best time in the 3 mile ocean swim was 1 hour and 13 minutes.  I finished in the top 25% of swimmers out of well over 500 participants.

Another activity I participated in was the Triathlon.  I have competed in over 13 triathlons in a three year period.  I did really well in the swim course, but lost ground during the bike and the run.  I had three knee operations so my legs are not my strong point.  However, I enjoyed the triathlons anyway.

Here is a picture of me on a diving boat off the Anacapa Islands.  I received my SCUBA Certificate from NAUI in 1990.  I enjoyed diving so much that I purchased a boat and went to the island at every opportunity.